Surfing venezolano


Cuyagua, Venezuela

The surf school in Cuyagua at the beach of Venezuela, invites you to rent a board or take a course.

Surfing in Cuyagua is an excellent idea for surf beginners and also experts.

The beach offers various spots with different waves from novice to intermediate.


The Gold Coast of Veneuela is especially famous for its surf spots. Cuyagua offers a natural beach for surfing with different wave schemes. At the evening and night the waves can get really dangerous, but during the day its perfect for surf newbies. The surf school at the beach offers a private class at $10 and of course you can pay with Bitcoins.

  • School

    The surf school in Cuyagua is a non profit community driven project. The boards they have have been donated by EvenPro. The take part in national championchips and are training for olympia.

  • La caleta

    At the caleta you can relax with your friends at one of the bars or restaurants while catching some easy waves in between.

  • Jahure

    Waves over here are strong and stones are close to the best spots, take care! This spot is nothing for beginners.

  • El hueco

    The spot were you will only see experts go, its at the end of the beach where the waves smash hard against the riff.



  • Giulia Lopez

    Cursos abiertas para todos a un precio acccessible! He pagado con criptomoneda!

  • @festivalcuyagua

    Great place to rent a surfboard at fair prices. They also give surf courses and private surf classes.

  • @bitcoinplane

    Yes you can pay with Bitcoins here, DASH, BCH, BTC, Lightning, whatever you wish, customer is king!



Private or group surf school courses for all levels.


You can book a private class with any coach that is available often right away. The course costs $10 and includes one hour of training with open end. You can stay on the waves for as long as you wish, paying for the board rent once per day.



All surfers wave levels available, from newbie to professional, even national surf events are hosted here occasionally.


The beach of about one mile of length offers three different spots for all surf levels from beginner to expert surfer. The water has a very comfortable temperature, you can even surf without a shirt as long as you can stand the sunshine.



There is a lot of nature to see in and around Cuyagua, Venezuela.


There are many beautiful spots at the river or in the mountains to relax quietly. Also there are some cultural spots in the city with beautiful art painted by the cuyagueros. At night you can hear the drums at the center of the town.



Yoga, Surf, Slackline, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Skate, Hiking, whatever you need to make you swet!


The town of surfers is very active, they like to walk a lot but also play sports. They have a baseball and baskteball court at the center of the surf town of Cuyagua.


Any questions, send us a quick message via email, telegram or whatsapp chat.