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Gold Coast Venezuela

Cuyagua in Venezuela is a beautiful paradise at the sea, close to Maracay. In addition to the lovely well-protected environment of this town, you can also spend Bitcoin a.k.a. "criptomoneda" here.

Most of the merchants accept BTC, BCH, DASH or BSV payments. You can also often pay with a BitRefill recharge to any local producer. You can live absolutely paper and bank free in Cuyagua, Venezuela. First fully #bitcoinized town on planet earth by 2022.


The Beach at Cuyagua is very special, it allows free camping to anyone who respects the environment. In the town they also have luxury resorts. Crystal clear river, natural mountains, surfers waves and Bitcoins. Anything else is provided by the lovely population here. P2P commerce is the nature of the cuyagueros for many centuries. Most of them go fishing or harvest fruits which are then traded for other goods. Bitcoin fits perfectly into their culture and protects them from the inflation of paper money.


  • @festivalcuyagua

    Best beach to have a great party at the weekends. Turn up the volume to the maximum and dance yourself into trance!

  • @bchbeach

    This bitcoin beach is truly exceptional, as all payments are p2p using the original Bitcoin protocols of BTC, BCH, DASH or BSV.

  • @bitcoinplane

    Cuyagua in Venezuela is leading as an example of peaceful integration of all the various Bitcoin communities. Customer is king here! Free choice! Free markets! Free humans!



Relax at the most secure beach of Venezuela


Most tourists relax at the beach during the day. The sun and the wind are strong. Many coconut palm trees cover the beach with their shadow. The temperature is very comfortable at day and during all the night.



Crystal clear river water in an organic natural environment


The water of the river is so crystal clear that one can even use it for cooking. Up in the mountains the river can be drunk easily.



The mountains of Cuyagua are full of magical wild animals.


Cuyagua Mountains Henry Pittier is a natural park near to the metropole of Maracay. Bird viewings. Wild fruits. Picnic spots. River bath.



Every weekend at friday night the party starts and ends on sunday.


Many tourists visit Cuyagua Beach Venezuela during the weekends. The party is great, many are setting up their stage in the car.

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International Tourism in Cuyagua


Promoting all the real p2p Bitcoin Beaches


You have to visit Cuyagua in Venezuela the first bitcoinized town on planet earth! See the beauty of Venezuela by your own eyes, never trust, always verify! Propaganda in media is bigger than reality.